BRUDEN provides a consistently high quality alternative to the standard "big-box" I.T. solution set. We directly address the unpredictability of support, consulting, and training, by providing the most experienced personnel available anywhere. Our experts are flexible. They are not locked into any scripted way of viewing a problem, delivering a lecture, or responding to a situation.

Typical CIO concerns include:

The BRUDEN solution to your project will be cost-effective because our professionals have decades of experience in resolving customer issues quickly and accurately. The BRUDEN "team approach" allows your needs (system administration on different operating systems and/or different hardware, multiple applications and requirements, multiple machines and architectures) to be serviced by multiple specialists under a single contract.

You will find us easy to work with. We work with you to provide a customized solution to any and all projects and problems. We work closely with you until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

BRUDEN personnel are steeped in the nuances of the various operating systems and environments we support. You reap the benefit of our devotion to the computer industry. We have been there during the evolution from paper tape and teletypes, to VAXes, to Alphas, to Superdomes to Virtual Machines.

This level of immense experience provides you with the ultimate in flexibility and power. Whatever your needs, please do not hesitate to ask us to provide a solution. BRUDEN cannot be outdone or out-priced.

EXTRA! Our new System Operational Support (SOS) and BRUDEN-Block Support options are now available to further ease your system administration augmentation needs. We work alongside your personnel to provide an unbeatable combination accessible through a "pool of hours".