BRUDEN Brings In Another Successful SSO Implementation

SSO (aka Single Sign on) in some people's eyes is the holy grail as far as user management goes. Our solution gave administrators one place to go in order to manage user accounts instead of (in some cases) several hundred machines on each of which a user might have had an individual account.

BRUDEN brought together an existing Active Directory (aka AD) service and a new LDAP implementation thereby integrating the customer's existing HP-UX and Linux user base into the AD fold. It was set up in such a way as to allow the UNIX administrators the capability to control who can log in to each box, but the user would use their single password across the entire landscape. There were several obstacles that needed to be addressed and overcome prior to the implementation, such as ensuring unique usernames, GIDs, and UIDs.

All parts of the project followed specific conventions as directed by the customer and their security requirements.

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BRUDEN Provides Big OpenVMS Performance Gains
BRUDEN worked with SSQ Financial Group (, from Quebec City in Canada, on a Java Proof of Concept for a move to Java on Integrity Server systems.

In one test case with 4 threads, Java performance went from 1:49.69 of elapsed time on an ES80 with 4 CPUs to 0:38.16 on a 2 core RX2660. With additional application tuning, the Alpha performance improved to 0:38.16 elapsed time. While the Integrity Server performance, with half the CPUs, improved to 0:24.42 of elapsed time.

In another test, a combination of system tuning and application environment tuning improved performance from over 1 hour of elapsed time to 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The improvement in elapsed time of over 25 times faster was amazing.

In addition to the Java work, BRUDEN helped SSQ improve the elapsed time of BACKUP with AES encryption performance by over 23%.

BRUDEN Helps the Luggage Handling Systems at Frankfurt Airport "FLY"

Frankfurt airport is one of the largest airports in Europe. It is experiencing a steady increase in the number of passengers passing through the airport. This kind of demand can tax an IT system. BRUDEN was called in to work with the technical staff at the airport to improve performance of their luggage handling system. The baggage handling system is an Oracle based application, running on OpenVMS servers. The tuning results showed that typical SQL statements resulted in a 50% increase in throughput, while response time of the application was cut in half.

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BRUDEN Instant Capacity (known as iCAP)

Instant Capacity (known as iCAP) provides reserve computing capacity that customers can put into production quickly - without disrupting operations. iCAP helps reduce costs and simplify the IT infrastructure, providing a highly available pre-configured ready-to-run solution by recognizing that speed to market is critical. Starting with version 8.3, OpenVMS fully supports HP's iCAP program.

BRUDEN announces a new service intended to help iCAP customers install the associated software on OpenVMS and perform product configuration. BRUDEN's staff has been involved in designing iCAP on OpenVMS.

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BRUDEN Teams with PDV to Install First Blade Systems with OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 and 10gR2 RAC

PDV-Nord GmbH and BRUDEN deliver the first set of Integrity Blade (BL860c) systems with Open VMS V8.3-1H1 and Oracle 10gR2 RAC. OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 (announced October 25th 2007) has been installed on a standalone BL860c together with Oracle 10gR2 on Monday October 22nd at the customer site.

This week BRUDEN configured 2 OpenVMS clusters running OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 and Oracle 10gR2 RAC. Each (mixed architecture) cluster consists of 2 BL860c's and one DS15 serving as a voting member, running OpenVMS V8.3.

The Installation took 5 days, at the end all production systems are up and running.

The Customer is a financial company in Hamburg, Germany.

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BRUDEN Performance Results Accentuate HP OpenVMS White Paper

In a recent White Paper titled, Performance Comparison: HP OpenVMS on Alpha Server and HP Integrity server systems, HP drew example comparisons from BRUDEN consulting engagements that included OpenVMS performance analysis and OpenVMS porting. The results clearly show the benefits of making the move to Integrity Server systems.

To review a copy of the white paper click on the following Link to PDF

BRUDEN Announces First RAC and V8.3-1H1 installation in Sweden

Sandvik Coromant (the world's leading manufacturer of cutting tools for the metalworking industry) became the first customer in Sweden to run Oracle 10gR2 RAC on top of an OpenVMS cluster running OpenVMS V8.3-1H1.

BRUDEN performed a successful RAC installation at Sandvik. Although several problems were encountered, the BRUDEN staff worked diligently to complete the task in 3 days. At the end of the installation, 3 databases were created with full fail-over capabilities between all nodes. The cluster will go into production within a couple of months.

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BRUDEN Uses Itanium Assembler to Assist in OpenVMS Port to Integrity Server Systems

Most OpenVMS ports from Alpha to Itanium are relatively quick and simple, with few modifications to the original code. One area in which ports can require additional expertise shows up when code has an intimate dependence on the OpenVMS calling standard.

IMS MAXIMS has a Hospital Administration system which was originally developed in Cobol and designed to run on OpenVMS. Most of the application ported from the Alpha to the Intel Itanium platform without problems and with no changes to the original code.

However, some of the system is developed using Object-Oriented Cobol and this code depends upon a small set of macro routines which make use of the OpenVMS calling standard. This macro code, originally written for the VAX and ported to Alpha macro, needed to be re-developed for the Intel Itanium platform.

IMS contacted BRUDEN about porting these macro routines. The code was analyzed and ported to Itanium assembler by BRUDEN staff in about 5 weeks time. The code was written on the BRUDEN lab systems in the U.S. and supplied to IMS in Dublin, Ireland for testing. BRUDEN staff worked closely with the IMS staff to complete the testing and debugging phases for the code. This effort was highly dependent on the cooperative effort between IMS and BRUDEN staff.

With the port complete, a major obstacle in allowing IMS customers to move from Alpha to IA64 platforms was removed, allowing the product to remain alive and vibrant through the next generation of OpenVMS hardware.

Kieran Quigley, the Product Manager for IMS Patient Admin Systems, was the IMS focal contact for the port and offered the following commentary on the BRUDEN services:

"BRUDEN worked on porting some essential Alpha Macro components of the IMS Hospital Admin Systems from OpenVMS Alpha to the Intel Itanium platform. We found that the depth of knowledge and experience and professionalism which BRUDEN brought to the project to have been an essential element in the overall success of the project."

This effort illustrates that BRUDEN can help companies complete the move from Alpha to Itanium at a variety of levels, from basic ports to the internals of the system architecture.

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